Connecting and exchanging and supplementing knowledge and perspectives through interaction with others is an indispensable element of my work. Here you will find an overview of the people I regularly work with on different projects – with many thanks for all their inspiration, trust, knowledge, great results and above all, the pleasure that our collaboration brings again and again.

Melódia Horsemanship – Lara ter Mors

After her study of Psychology at Utrecht University, Lara made the choice to follow two paths. On the one hand she started working as a basic psychologist, on the other she started her own company: Melodia Horsemanship. Since September 2020 she only works within the framework of her own company.

Lara trains Icelandic horses. She also organizes teaching days, weekend courses and workshops on horse welfare. The focus in the training is on positive learning and working on a motivated horse that is open to learning.

Melódía Horsemanship is located in Southeast Brabant. Do you have a question about your horse’s behavior? Are you looking for someone who can help you with your horse, does your horse have a behavioral problem? Please get in contact for more information.



Dr. Claartje J. Vinkenburg

Claartje Vinkenburg PhD is an independent expert consultant specialized in (gender) diversity in careers. Her area of expertise is careers in research organizations, professional service firms, and the board level, where she looks at the impact of implicit bias, normative beliefs, and discursive practices on career patterns and outcomes. Claartje spent 25 years studying and writing on this subject at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. She is committed to developing evidence-based interventions including bias mitigation, process optimization, targets and monitoring to promote diversity in organizations. Claartje is an affiliated research consultant with VU Amsterdam, and Portia Ltd. Recent clients include research councils, national government and the European Commission.